Lack Of Leaders - workshops

Everywhere we go, dance classes of some description are on every corner. From Ballroom, Salsa, Tango. To Jive, Latin American, and Swing - the list is endless. For whatever reason, be it for health, meeting new friends, or wanting a new pastime. More people are taking up dance classes then ever before. 

There is however, one overriding factor. A slight downside shall we say, to this phenomenon we call Social Dance: There never seems to be enough “Leaders”. 

At World of Dance Weekend, we have come up with a concept that may inspire more Men, or Women, to become leaders in social dance: Lack Of Leaders workshops - LOL for short! 

The LOL workshops are for Absolute Beginners only.

This is how it works:

We are offering Absolute Beginners to social dance ‘who would like to lead’ - 2 x 45min dance classes of their choice (Your choice will be made from the WODW timetable) FOR FREE!

We can't guarantee, or promise to turn you into the next Fred Astaire, or Anton Du Beke, we understand it takes time. The LOL workshops along with our instructors will encourage, build confidence, and hopefully inspire you to take up a social dance class in the future. Experience followers will be on hand to help. 

There’s only one catch - If you decide you want to take part in anymore workshops, or attend the social dance parties in the evening you will be subject to a fee per workshop, or a full pass.  Please contact us now to book your Absolute Beginners Free 'Leaders' place, or find out more.