Argentine Tango and performance

Rui & Inês

Argentine Tango

Adrian & Cristine

World of Dance Weekend welcomes Rui & Inês from Lisbon in Portugal for the first time. 

Founders of Entre Dos.

Their philosophy:

In ENTRE DOS we respect the past. We respect our origins and we value our legacy. And so, we bring to our teaching methods an integrated system where new techniques of dancing are always contextualized with older ones. After all, in order to better understand what Tango dancers do today and how they do it, it’s important to fully comprehend where it all came from in the first place.

All well as hosting a series of wonderful workshops. Rui & Inês will also be performing during the Milonga andTea Dance at World of Dance Weekend

Back again for the second time. Adrian and Christine, founders of Westcourt Tango, Canterbury. We are delighted that these two wonderful teachers of tango are available for beginners level during World of Dance Weekend. To add to our delight, Westcourt Tango will be hosting the Milonga on the Saturday afternoon too.