Announcing the first World of Dance Weekend (WOW for short), held at Margate's iconic Fun park attraction, Dreamland, where the world of: Vintage, Latino, Euro-Asia and Afro will gather in two incredible venues, under one amazing roof. 

On Saturday 23rd September, Dreamland will be the backdrop of some of the most amazing, and eclectic: workshops, performances, music and parties, offering you a historical, and educational 'social dance' journey.  


Talented local and national artists will be on hand to teach an exciting array of social dance workshops for all levels, throughout the day - inc: SALSA, JIVE, BALLROOM, ARGENTINE TANGO, FOLK, AFRICAN RHYTHMS and more....

Social Dance Parties:

Two social dance parties will be on offer during the evening. Vintage & Fiesta Latino.  Special guests will include DJ's, Animators, and Performers. 

Please check our Artists page for a current list of confirmed teachers, and performers.

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We would like to say a huge thanks to our Friends who have continued to support World of Dance Weekend. 

Westcourt Tango, Dance Visions, Salsawild, Ballroom Blitz, Jivebeat, Salsa Heart, Thanet School of Dance, Ms Tequila Slammer Anna, DJ Reverend Boogie

Visit our dedicated supporters page and click on their links to find out more about where they hold their classes, and events

World of Dance Weekend programme is now available

(subject to change)  

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Absolute Beginner? 

Please visit our LOL - 'Lack Of Leaders' page to find out more about our offer of FREE workshops for the Absolute Beginner 'LEADER' at the World of Dance Weekend. 


Party Nights

Separate admission prices for our two Social Dance Parties, if you haven't purchased a Full Day Pass. 

From the World of Tango, Ballroom, Belly Dancing, 

Salsa, Jive, Folk. And across the continents of North/South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

An eclectic array of amazing dance teachers, 

and performers awaits you. 

Visit our dedicated page for confirmed artists so far...

Are We what you're looking for? 

Are you into social dancing, music, the arts as a hobby, or past time? Have no qualms with interacting with large groups, people you don't know? A team player? Perhaps a team leader? 

World of Dance Weekend are looking for committed volunteers for September 23rd at Dreamland. Enthusiasm, dedication, a willingness to be part of a long, and exciting day, will be vital. If you're over 16, and feel you have some of the above ingrained in your DNA, please contact us now. 

Dreamland's renovated park. Opened 26th May 2017